We’d love to have you stop by our offices and experience all that is Makers Workspaces in person.


Makers Workspaces is located inside the historic Schillestad Building in Seattle’s Belltown area. The simple brick facade once provided modest housing for the working classes. The men and women who dwelled here before us were tradesmen as are we. We tip our hats to the old here at Makers Workspaces and strive to create something new.



Featured Partner: Cedar & Spokes Coffee


Locally owned and operated, you can find their coffee located in the front lobby. Open to the public. Visit Website

We believe you should be able to enjoy speciality coffee anywhere. We are located at Makers Coworking Space in downtown Seattle next to Pike Place Market, or, let us bring the speciality coffee experience to you at your next event including weddings, holiday parties, and corporate events.

Come see us at the cart, book us for your next event, or purchase some of our freshly roasted coffees online!