How to Handle Shipping in Your Internet Marketing Business

How to Handle Shipping in Your Internet Marketing Business

One of the problems facing online businesses is the problem of product shipment. If your business is not about physical products go to the next section. Its a thing to sell a product in a store of course the customer sees it looks over buys it and takes it with him. However selling products online introduces a whole new range of problems: how can you ensure that the product remains undamaged from your warehouse to your customers door? How do you handle shipping costs? And how will you communicate with your shipping agents if you have any when you get a new sale to minimize the time between customer orders and receipt of the product?

The first concern is more a function of the shipping method you choose than anything else. Choose a reputable operator and be willing to pay all the necessary money for safe shipping if your project is in any way nice furniture or hand blown glassware for example an additional level of security like something like a CD or a new hammer does not need. Regardless of the brutality of the product you will always pay what is required to track your deliveries when they reach your customers.

The key to online trading is trust: trust that your product is valuable to customers and customers confidence that you give them value for money and to get the product to them early enough. Its inevitable that shipping problems will happen from time to time and the more successful your business gets the more products you ship the more likely you will be a victim of one of these shipping issues. So pay to track your deliveries make sure that in the worst case you can find the product get it back on track and maintain the trust of your satisfied customer.

Freight handling is another important issue. Many online trading systems allow you to automatically add shipping costs to any order either by placing a fixed fee on the purchase price of any product or by adding a percentage of the total price of the product. The better option is almost always the first: That way you can calculate exactly how much it costs to send a product with tracking paid for and charge customers only that amount.

This protects you from hidden costs fees ensuring you do not lose money on product deliveries and simplify your final accounting procedures instead of determining the percentage of each transaction intended for shipping you can simply deduct shipping charges from all products when you enter net income in your accounting system. For foreign orders make sure you shop directly with customers on a case by case basis sales abroad are very expensive and there is simply no way to program even the most complicated trading system to take into account variable prices for each country on earth . Make sure foreign customers know that they will handle you directly by mentioning it on your main page before the customer even clicks on the purchase link do not waste time by getting them to start the transaction and then interrupt it once they realize the unreasonable foreign shipping costs.

The problem of communicating each new sale to your shipping department is obviously easy if you are the shipping department. However if your company is large enough for you to have a real stock or shipping employee you must ensure that they are notified as quickly as possible of each new sale when processed.

One solution is to set up an automated message forwarding system to send all order quotes from your trading system to your shipping department as soon as they arrive in your mailbox or simply make all order quote directly to the shipping department which is then responsible for forwarding them to you so you can do the book. There are other methods and the one you choose depends on what is best for your specific business organization but its important to have a method of communicating orders to the right people as soon as they happen. It improves the companys overall efficiency makes customers happier and in the long run your business can grow.

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