Meet Caitlin

Bringing an impressive business and merchandising background to the MAKERS team, Caitlin Agnew began her career in the action sports industry, working for Nixon and later for Roxy as a fashion merchandiser. Learning from these experiences, and adapting to economy changes in 2009, Caitlin began working from home, and quickly learned that she loved the flexibility but hated the isolation. “I craved an environment where I could work around other creative people in a collective, yet professional atmosphere.” Although challenging, she believes it was an invaluable experience that ultimately led her to co-create MAKERS. Caitlin directs the marketing and PR for MAKERS, so you can often find her out and about meeting with inspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, and taste-makers. Outside of MAKERS, Caitlin is a fitness instructor at Pure Barre, and enjoys staying active and healthy.

Meet Lana

A talented and award-winning interior-designer-turned-entrepreneur, Lana Morisoli graduated college with a degree in international business, then pursued her dream of becoming an interior designer. Working extensively on model home projects across the United States, she was continuously challenged to expand and push her creativity. In 2009, Lana relocated to Seattle to start her own interior design business. Shortly after its inception, she discovered that working from home came with a price. “I loved the flexibility of having my own business, but missed having a creative workplace community and people to bounce ideas off of.” Lana has played a large role in the interior design of MAKERS and her exceptional eye for incorporating refurbished and vintage elements has turned MAKERS into a stylish, chic and unique workspace. Lana enjoys spending her free time hunting for remarkable finds at area thrift shops and sampling craft cocktails.

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